Nothing beats a mural! Vinyl applications may in some cases be more cost effective, but they lack that vibrant, personal touch of a hand-painted image. I have worked all over South Africa, turning countless rooms into a real wonderland for parents and children alike. I love creating something personal and I love seeing those little eyes light up when their favorite character becomes their room mate! Keep in mind that my murals are not restricted to children’s rooms, but that I also decorate restaurants, homes, offices and gardens.

My wall art is of the highest quality and seldom takes more than a week to complete. I work with Polyvinyl Acrylic and Artist’s paint and the wall is only sealed upon completion of the artwork and if so requested by the client. It is safe to wipe unsealed work with a damp (not wet) cloth should it become lightly soiled. I am happy to return free of charge at any stage to touch-up any wear, tear, nicks and scratches.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to share your ideas and get a quote. Please include a description of what you have in mind and of the current condition of the wall(s) you would like me to paint, as well as their measurements. I am happy to produce full colour, quality examples for prospective clients at a fee of R200.00


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