By the sea

Whenever a project pops up where it’s something that is in view of the public I get very excited. It is, after all, a chance to ‘exhibit’ something permanently. Most of the work I receive is from people seeing things I’ve done by chance and by word of mouth. It’s also such a joy leaving someone with something they can proudly show off to the world.

Yesterday I started on a mural in Parklands. My client’s home has a beautiful, fresh, nautical theme and she wants to extend it to the exterior. What better than dolphins, waves and a glorious sea-faring vessel to bring the ocean to your doorstep!? The wall has a reasonably rough texture. I started by mapping out the design in grey.



I decided on a sponge as my weapon of choice and laid down a sandy colour washed with grey and white. Starfish, the markings of a nautilus and water stains gently balance the strong waves which the dolphins ride upon. My next step will be to lightly wash the darker areas with another layer of white in order to make it look more misty.




And finally, the dolphins and details. 1 x happy client = 1 x happy Judyskoo!






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