Turning Tables

It completely slipped my mind that I have this amazing platform to share the things I do with you, and I should be tapped on the wrist! Without further a due, here is my story of how I’m turning ordinary coffee shop tables into something special.


I’m working with a palette of beige to brown, grey, black, white and red, and I’m having the time of my life! My client asked for all the tops to be different and gave me the reins. I gave them all a slightly burnt, antique look so they all have a certain ‘feel’ regardless of how different they look.


The wood was roughly sanded which was a perfect start to the old look I’m going for. I used acrylic paint as a base and dirty rags with drawing ink for my washes. Details are rounded off with ink pen here and there. This is my method for most of the artworks.


I used silver paint as a base and highlight in these and lined it with a black pen. I like the reflective quality! From one angle it seems shiny white, but dark grey/black from another.



For this one I painted the letters with a very dark brown ink and washed over it with a damp cloth so that only dried bits of lettering stay behind here and there. I filled in the rest with coloured pencils and lined it with pen and runny ink.


These images are screen-printed onto the surface. I washed over the edges with dark brown ink again to tint the white roses slightly and drew the dashed line with black pen. Such good fun!



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