Writing on the wall

Our little town is filled with excited people planning exciting things. Yzerfontein is always packed during the December holidays and one of the events companies in the area, I love Yzer, wants to brand one of the buildings next to the road leading into town.


That’s where I come in! It’s a large wall so there was a lot of plotting and planning to do. I managed to finish the logo on the first day!





Now for the lettering next to the logo!




Mellow yellow

I have developed this obsession with yellow recently. And I have these balls of yellow yarn begging me to use them. And my boyfriend has an idea for something to be painted in the lounge that’s yellow (more on that later) So we are running with yellow.

My mom sat on the couch next to me, paging through a craft magazine and mentioned how beautiful these crochet bowls and baskets are. I recently saw one myself and that’s when the yellow light bulb switched on! I jumped to it and had an amazing coffee table accessory by the end of the evening. Now I want them in a million different colours all over the house, which I know will drive my poor boyfriend bonkers! Well, if he can have his yellow wall, I can have my yellow bowls and baskets. 🙂 I’m excited to start on the wall and can’t wait to show you the final product!





Snow white and the seven dwarfs

I am so privileged to be able to work in this wonderful winter sun Cape Town is currently blessed with. To tell the truth, I felt a little toasty by 3pm and was very much looking forward to the cool beach air of my evening walks with the dogs.

Day 1

I am painting a little girl’s play corner in a garden in Yzerfontein. I’ve never done Snow White, so I’m super excited and can’t wait to stand back and see the final product. The winter morning chill makes it difficult to move quickly, and the shade created by the angle of the wall causes the paint to dry very slowly. Thankfully the sun starts warming everything beautifully by 11am. I’m holding thumbs that the paint had enough time to dry properly before dark. It’s going to be a long night worrying about damp and morning dew!20130710-210558.jpg20130710-210734.jpg

Day 2

Although it might look like nothing new has happened, I finished the top half of the background today. I only had a few hours today and I’m satisfied with the progress I’ve made. The finished bits are also sealed with a clear coat of varnish now, so I can rest easy knowing it won’t be damaged by the weather. Thanks goodness all was well this morning – no runny paint! It’s only happened to me once before in the middle of a very rainy season, but the possibility still freaks my out a tad. I remember how disappointed I was seeing the runny mess the following day and now I do everything I can to prevent it. I hope to complete the rest of the landscape tomorrow. Then it’s time to move on to the fun part! The figures!

Day 3

The entire background apart from the cottage is now complete. A few minor details like shading underneath the characters will still be added. It’s time to rest and enjoy a well deserved weekend. I’m excited about the next phase though!



Day 4

With the base colours of all the figures finally down, it’s only one or two last stretches before I am finished. The end of any project can really play tricks on you, as there is always a little more to do than you initially think. Right now it’s a case of ‘pick up the brush and start on the left’ – all the big areas are done and we are left with smaller bits and pieces all over. I’m really happy with how it’s looking so far and I sincerely hope that my client is too! The temptation to finish Snow White first is huge, but I will leave the best for last.





Day 5 & 6

Finally! Time to finish the characters! The sun shone beautifully at first and I managed to finish the dwarfs on the right side and the cottage. The weather prediction was looked positive and day 6 started out great. An hour later mist started rolling in from the ocean and it kept coming and going throughout the rest of the day. I was determined to reach my goal and soldiered on through the chill. My wonderful mom helped me so much, holding a hair dryer over the fresh paint to speed up the process! It was growing dark by the time I finished with the chalk board paint, and I couldn’t move my fingers or toes, BUT I DID IT! And guess what? My client is so happy that she asked me to extend the forest over two more walls. I can’t express how happy it makes me when my clients are pleased!

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. I promise to post pictures of the extended forest as well!









Forest extended




Turning Tables

It completely slipped my mind that I have this amazing platform to share the things I do with you, and I should be tapped on the wrist! Without further a due, here is my story of how I’m turning ordinary coffee shop tables into something special.


I’m working with a palette of beige to brown, grey, black, white and red, and I’m having the time of my life! My client asked for all the tops to be different and gave me the reins. I gave them all a slightly burnt, antique look so they all have a certain ‘feel’ regardless of how different they look.


The wood was roughly sanded which was a perfect start to the old look I’m going for. I used acrylic paint as a base and dirty rags with drawing ink for my washes. Details are rounded off with ink pen here and there. This is my method for most of the artworks.


I used silver paint as a base and highlight in these and lined it with a black pen. I like the reflective quality! From one angle it seems shiny white, but dark grey/black from another.



For this one I painted the letters with a very dark brown ink and washed over it with a damp cloth so that only dried bits of lettering stay behind here and there. I filled in the rest with coloured pencils and lined it with pen and runny ink.


These images are screen-printed onto the surface. I washed over the edges with dark brown ink again to tint the white roses slightly and drew the dashed line with black pen. Such good fun!