Why, hello there, pretty.

Hello Pretty LogoTonight I celebrate the opening of my first virtual store. There will be wine and laughter. Actually, it is quite a big deal for me. All of this is! I consider myself the special kid in the social media class, and I’ve always been quite intimidated by online communities and their activities. I’m like a first year student with a stove – All I can do is cook an egg, or in my case, Facebook. What I didn’t realize is how incredibly easy everything is made by the great folks who offer us these online services. As you are guided through the process, everything is explained nicely, step by step. They knew that the special kid would also want to play on the interwebz someday.

So here I am, blogging away with a teeny tiny shop in a corner of this incredible virtual world. I’ve graduated and it feels SO good. Never again will I put something off because it seems too complicated. I’m proud of what I produce, so please go have a look-see and share with your friends.

Click on the image link or visit http://hellopretty.co.za/judyskoo-creative



2 thoughts on “Why, hello there, pretty.

  1. I love it! You are pretty special… And you will rule your domain soon enough, like a Boss! Me JudySkoo xxx Best of luck to you xxx

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