Miaka-Art from the heart.


So, I have this friend, right. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the honour to meet. Her light is undeniable and her passion
for art and all things created with love and care is truly inspirational.

A little while ago lovely Shannon Sweetman decided to go next level and launch her very own online store website called Miaka-Art. They are in the last phases of construction and should be live real soon, so start budgeting! Until then you can like Miaka-Art’s official Facebook page and get an idea of what will be offered by clicking on the image or the following link: https://www.facebook.com/MiakaArt

Shannon’s taste is impeccable and the products she features will have you reeling with envy and delight. Everything is pretty reasonably priced, so you’ll be sure to find something totally, mind blowingly amazing for a price that suits your pocket.

Miaka-Art also gives back! Their winter community project is all about keeping peeps on streets warm and looked after through the chilly season. Aid in the form of scarves, gloves and jerseys etc. are being produced by crafters featured on the site, and will be distributed by Miaka-Art. I become so proud when I see fellow creatives pulling together like this to do something so awesome.

Now be awesome and like Miaka-Art.



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