With my head in the clouds

Today I start a mural in West Beach in the bedroom of a lucky little baby girl who’ll be entering this world very soon. I’ve decided to share my journey with you so please return to this post every now and then to see the progress. Comments are ALWAYS welcome!

I’ve started with the clouds on the roof to get the neck pain over and done with, and it’s going to be beautiful! Soft colors carefully blended to create a sky with no limit to dream under.

Day two of painting and the sky is complete! The walls are almost finished and it is almost time to paint the fairies. That’s always the most exciting part.




Lady in a red hat

A friend asked me to paint something special for a lady who’s birthday is coming up soon. Her house is quite nautically themed and I’ve been dying to paint a big red hat! So we’re doing it. The canvas is large and it gives me the opportunity to work with fat, broad strokes and thick applications of paint. Yummo!


With the base work done it’s easy to see where I’m moving with this. It also helps to create a nice, solid background to do the shading on. I love working with bold colors and the contradiction of red and blue is giving me the tingles!

Here we are very, very close to the finished product. A few more small touches and I am done!



My little family

It has been a while since I’ve posted something, but with good reason! My gorgeous boyfriend works abroad and has returned to his fluffy family after two and a half months. You can imagine that everything work related flies straight out the window for a while. But I’m still here and will get back into it really soon! In the meantime, let me introduce you to my little piece of heaven ūüôā

Jethro is Commander and Zo√ę is 2ic. She is one and a half years old and the sweetest, most well behaved, gentle dog I have ever met. Our latest addition is the little red¬†piranha, ¬†Dexter. He is only 6 months old and still a handful of puppy with a sweet,¬†mischievous nature. We go to the beach every evening just before sunset to run and play.

What is life if we cannot love? More than anything in the world, this is my love. They are always present in everything I do, whether in the flesh or in my heart. Dexter’s favorite job is rearranging the work space and “sorting” the material. Zo√ę likes to observe and makes sure that quality is consistent. So when you purchase a Judyskoo item, know that it was made with the love and assistance of these guys!




Winter design special

It’s no secret that winter is a bad time for business all around. This year I am running a special that should loosen up the pinch on your design costs! Whatever you may need, I’m¬†doubly sure that we can work out something super affordable for you. Please note that printing is not included. If you would prefer not to deal with the printing side of things, I will source a¬†print house¬†in your area and¬†correspond¬†with them. Inbox me and we’ll have a chat. Happy winter!

Design Special

Funky feet are happy feet!

My lovely friend, Shannon from Miaka-Art, mentioned Crochet Slippers to me over the weekend. I am not too fond of working with wool so I decided to try them with cotton shirting and MY! The results is fantastic! They are snug, comfortable and gorgeous. I want a pair in every colour! I really am excited about these. I am figuring out how to size them (I have flippers for feet) so they’ll be available for purchase real soon. I would love to know what you think about them ūüôā Give them a name and if I choose yours, I’ll send you a pair!


IMG_5956 IMG_6119IMG_6152

Murals! Murals for everyone!

I woke up this morning and thought, “Hey! How awesome wouldn’t it be to have a special!” So that’s what we’ll be doing next week, kids. I’ll come to your house and paint you a ridiculously awesome picture of your little rascal’s favorite character on his/her bedroom wall (or wherever you fancy) for ONLY R500.00 – That’s right!¬†To make the magic happen you have to contact, book and confirm with me between 13 & 17 May. Unfortunately this offer is only valid for residents of Cape Town and surrounding areas, unless you’d like to fly me to where you live. I’m down with that too ūüôā

Oh and don’t forget to share!

mural special

Miaka-Art from the heart.


So, I have this friend, right. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the honour to meet. Her light is undeniable and her passion
for art and all things created with love and care is truly inspirational.

A little while ago lovely Shannon Sweetman decided to go next level and¬†launch her very own online store website called Miaka-Art. They are in the last phases of construction and should be live real soon, so start budgeting! Until then you can like Miaka-Art’s official Facebook page and get an idea of what will be offered by clicking on the image or the following link:¬†https://www.facebook.com/MiakaArt

Shannon’s taste is¬†impeccable¬†and the products she features will have you reeling with envy and delight.¬†Everything¬†is pretty reasonably priced, so you’ll be sure to find something totally, mind blowingly amazing for a price that suits your pocket.

Miaka-Art also gives back! Their winter community project is all about keeping peeps on streets warm and looked after through the chilly season. Aid in the form of scarves, gloves and jerseys etc. are being produced by crafters featured on the site, and will be distributed by Miaka-Art. I become so proud when I see fellow creatives pulling together like this to do something so awesome.

Now be awesome and like Miaka-Art.